Refufest 2012

Refufest 2012 took place on Střelecký Island in Prague on June 2nd, 2012. Among the main acts were bands such as Yellow Sisters, Benga Show, Allstar Refjudží band, JazzBalk, Annás Ekvátor. There were dance groups representing a variety of countries and international dancing styles: Aneboafro from Africa, SirinZarb from the Middle East, JaoBlack with Brazilian Breakdance and the acclaimed traditional Egyptian dance group, Osama Mimi Farag. The program had something for participants of all ages and interests.  There was a rapping workshop with MC Metoděje and a workshop for children where they could make worlds or badges on the theme of Orbis Pictus. For theatre lovers, there was a performance of ‘Komedie dell’arte’, as well as a production of ‘Baby Boom’ performed by children from an international school in several foreign languages spoken in the Czech Republic. As part of the program on current affairs there were discussions about “Life for Foreigners in the Czech Republic”. Another option was “The Ethno Salon” where visitors could borrow and try on traditional costumes, dresses and accessories from countries such as Angola, Kyrgyzstan, Vietnam and  Moravia. There were presentations about countries from outside of the EU, as well as culinary workshops presenting cuisines from the Congo, Macedonia, Greenland and many other countries from all around the world.

RefuFest 2011

The sixth annual Refufest took place on Střelecký Island in Prague on 18th June 2011. The program featured multicultural bands such as Al-Yaman and Ekvátor. The dance groups included Grupo Mandela performing Brazilian Capoeira and SirinZarb presenting MiddleEastern dancing and singing. There were interactive workshops in collaboration with Freestle Mondays at which participants could give Afro-Indian dancing a try with Papia and Baishnav Tantra, watch short films shot by young foreigners or watch a performance at the Malé Vinohradské Theatre. Throughout the program, posters from the DOX Gallery on the theme of “Migration to Europe” were exhibited in the area around the workshop tents. Children had the opportunity to make miscellaneous decorations on the topic of “The Sea”, learn silk-screening or make their own badges. There were information stands representing 14 foreign countries, such as Buryatia, Kyrgyzstan, Syria, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Cambodia and others.