Legal Alien in Prague – exhibition

Legal Alien in Prague is an ongoing portrait photography project of Agnes Csernus, a Hungarian photographer living in Prague.

Project’s aim is to show the diversity of foreign people living in this city  with hundreds of portraits and present a true overall situation about migration in Prague which is very similar to other big European cities situation.  

“There is a strong tendency in some European countries in our days that certain political forces are gaining influence by acting as defender while generating the fake vision of enemies and maintaining the fear.

This kind of politics leave fingerprints on many levels of the everyday life from children’s education to the atmosphere of homes. In most of the cases fear comes from false or missing information. Fear from the unknown is working like poison. A significant part of the society is afraid of the migrants although they have never met a single one. My goal is to show the diversity of the migrant community in Europe and to encourage people to acceptance of each other through communication. Minimalism as visual language is the key for giving the possibility to percipients to meet all the models one by one and to look into their eyes, feeling like walking in the crowd.”– photographer says.

She organized 7 shooting days at different public locations in Prague with more than 100 participants so far. This is a pro bono voluntary project, people can sign up online.

There are no restrictions on the basis of age, sex, color, religion, national origin, gender expression, or any other status.

Everybody is welcome who lives but wasn’t born in the Czech Republic.