08.06.2018 17:30
Film screening and discussion
First-hand experience of screening the film „Invisible Cities: Istanbul“. Project is capturing life of african diasporas in various cities of the World.

(IN)VISIBLE CITIES is an independent, self-produced, innovative project with two objectives: telling the stories of African migrants in 13 cities of the world from a new perspective; challenging the rules of journalism and documentary. How to do that? The migrants you will see telling their stories in (IN)VISIBLE CITIES often met us for months before appearing on camera. And the camera itself is “invisible” to avoid invading their space and cancelling people’s spontaneity: the tech tools are reduced to a minimum.
Migrants of (IN)VISIBLE CITIES did not arrive with boats and are not still fighting for a place in society. These are the others, those who stopped to build a little piece of Africa on a foreign soil. We met, lived day after day with them and got to know each other. The result is a narration which looks like a fiction with non-fictional content. This is the style of (IN)VISIBLE CITIES: a series about true people who talk about their experiences, stories, ideas, difficulties and objectives.

(IN)VISIBLE CITIES has been screened from South Korea to the US, Italy and the UK. 

You will have amazing opportunity to meet project director and journalist, coming to us straight from London for Refufest opening!
Film director: Angelo Gianpaolo Bucci, Italian social issues-focused film-maker active worldwide
Journalist: Beatrice Ngalula Kabutakapua is a narrative journalist born in Italy but with Congolese roots


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