09.06.2018 (12.00-18.00)


Creative zone


Series of games with Organization for Aid to Refugees

“Afghanistan X Italy”/”Refugee Path”/”Made by…”

Watercolor workshop by Kate Nikulina

Experience the magic of watercolor painting with our volunteer Kate from Russia. It is never to late to try yourself in this technique, which is dreamy, relaxing and enjoyful for beginners. 

Crafts workshop by Belarussians in CZ

Traditional crafts reflect the profound character and history of Belarusian people. These crafts were passed on from generation to generation and have survived to this very day. Join representatives of Belarussian community to create your very own traditional crafts item from Belarus.

  1. Sketching workshop by Oloton Watson

Try basics of sketching with Oloton. Back in Nigeria he has been doing a lot of it. You can use this technique to explore the city, to keep your moments together and to train your creative perception anytime and any place.



  1. Caligraphy workshop by Integration Center Prague

During workshop you will enjoy the beauty of calligraphy.

  1. Textile workshop with Kabardino-Balkaria

At the workshop Saida from Kabardino-Balkaria would like to show and teach the manufacture of handbags-cases for phones, glasses with Circassian (adyghe) ornaments. The complexity of the workshop is suitable for young people and adults.

Výsledek obrázku pro circassian (adyghe) ornaments

  1. Chinese paper cutting workshop

Chinese paper cutting is the earliest form of paper craft. Since the invention of paper by the Chinese in 105 AD, it has been used for this traditional decorative folk art. Learn the beautiful and intricate technique of paper cutting in this engaging workshop. Whether you choose to use your own design or one of the many templates provided in the workshop, you will be guided in creating your own paper cut motif.

  1. Workshop of braiding with Modra Skola

The workshop will give participants an exciting hands-on 3 hour experience with young ladies from Modra Skola.  Just in time for summer!