Team and Contacts

Contact Address:

RefuFest-InBáze, o. s.

Adresa: Legerova 50, Praha 2, 120 00

Office: (+420) 224 941 415

Mobile: (+420) 739 037 353, (+420) 739 578 343


IČO: 265 48 216

DIČ: CZ26548216

  • Ekaterina Kokkalou

  • Hlavní produkční festivalu a koordinátorka dobrovolníků
  • Production manager and coordinator of volunteers

    Originally coming from Russia, Ekaterina moved to Prague in 2009 to pursue her studies in 2009. Over the past years she became a cosmopolitan, having her family in different parts of the World.

    Since 2009 Ekaterina has been active in the civil sector: first as a volunteer (educational programs with Roma and migrant children) in local organizations and later as a project manager/ coordinator/expert (migrant integration). She wholeheartedly believes in positive effects of community activities, volunteering and personal experiences for initiation of social change in the society.

    This year Ekaterina joined Refufest team as a production manager and coordinator of volunteers. Refufest international team of volunteers is open to anyone who wants to learn about event management, fundraising and wants to meet friends from all around the world!

  • Natalia Szelachowska

  • Produkční festivalu
  • She moved to Prague in April 2017, before lived here during an internship at Prague Quadriennal. Since 2012 she is active in non-profit sector. She was a coordinator and manager of Transeuropa Warsaw festival in 2013. She run different projects for migrants and local communities together with her NGO, based in Warsaw. She has also experience as a PR specialist, cultural animator and social designer. This year she joined Refufest team and is very excited about this new chapter in her life!

  • Anežka Nováková

  • hudební dramaturgie
  • Anežka is music program manager of Refu Fest since 2016 and the atmosphere of the festival impressed her, so she is continuing with this year. Her base is Prague, cottage in the nature and also anywhere when she feels well, mainly thanks to people she is surrounded with. Student of Spanish filology and Fine Arts at Palackého University in Olomouc. Absolvent at Production Team Studies at FAMU, Prague. Except of booking bands for Refu Fest, she works at Everything Goes booking agency and she is a manager of a producer, songwriter and singer Zagami Jericho.

  • Sardana Korotova

  • Grafická designérka festivalu
  • Pochází z Jakutska. Absolvovala obor Veřejné vztahy (Public relations) na Jakutské státní universitě jména M.K. Ammosova. Pracovala v PR agenturách v Moskvě a zároveň se věnovala designu. Má ráda cestování, ale vždy se ráda vrací domů – v poslední době to je do Prahy.

  • Lucie Štěpánová

  • Grafická designérka festivalu
  • Pochází z Jakutska a je absolventkou Moskevské Vysoké školy moderního umění, fakulty Grafického designu. V Praze bydlí již třetí rok. Ráda poznává a zkouší vše nové!

  • Liudmila Gasina

  • Koodinátorka migrantských komunit
  • This year is her 3rd year of working with this Festival. Originally teacher of Russian and English now she enjoys working in social sector, because it is an amazing opportunity to get to know new people from all over the world and to go through an exciting experience together. She believes that diversity is the richness of our society which we should not only embrace, but smartly integrate into the life of locals.

  • Océane Herpin

  • PR a koodinátorka workshopů
  • Océane was born in France and grew up abroad, living in China, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Spain and Nepal. She graduated with a degree in Humanities, Society and Culture from the Anglo-American University in Prague in 2016 and was part of the Refufest volunteer team that same year. Being part of such a beautiful celebration and having the opportunity to work with like-minded, inspiring individuals from all over the world was a life-changing experience for her. She went on to develop her experience in a youth association in Barcelona, where she worked on local and international projects fostering active participation and sustainable social transformation. She has previous experience working as director’s assistant for a start-up non profit organisation and as social media manager of a Nepalese NGO. She is back in Prague this year to devote her skills and experience to Refufest 2018 and can’t wait to see how it will bloom!

  • Ekaterina Nikulina

  • PR a koordinátorka komunikace
  • Kate moved to Prague about a year ago for work. By lucky chance she found out about Refufest and was happy to join volunteers team this year. Kate finds inspiration in meeting people from different cultures and listening to their stories. She believes that every person you meet, leaves an imprint in your life and she is very excited to meet all of you at the festival this summer!

  • Simona Hánová

  • PR a koordinátorka komunikace
  • Moving in and out of Prague on casual basis, she feels at home everywhere and nowhere at the same time. She finds both peace and fulfilment in meeting and cooperating with international people and that especially in the place of her origins. Welcoming others in her hometown allows her to enjoy the perks of distant cultures even when her home is around the corner.

  • Petra Holubářová

  • produkční pátečního programu pro školy - Bedýnky příběhů pro mladší děti
  • Production manager of Friday programme for schools – Boxes of Stories for younger children. Petra started to work in InBaze in 2012 as a financial a project manager, and at the same time led a group for mothers with children as a volunteer. She participated in organizing a few RefuFests in Prague, Rakovice, and was a production manager of RefuFest at Točník castle. Actually she is in charge of department of education and coordinates two projects of InBáze – “Bridges to Understanding” and “Bridges to Schools” as well as coordinates and lectures programmes for schools – Boxes of Stories for pre-school and younger school children. She is looking forward to see new place ať Hybernská, programm and faces.

  • Blanka Charvátová

  • Produkční pátečního programu pro starší děti
  • Producer of Friday programme for school – Boxes of Stories for older school children.

    Blanka has been with InBáze since its birth, usually as a volunteer. She now works in InBáze as a Czech teacher and coordinator of programmes for older school children Boxes of Stories 2. She is looking forward to apply her experience in Friday programme for older school children.

  • Vladimir Soldatov

  • Intern
  • Vladimir moved to Prague just 4 month ago to study Czech language and to pursue his studies in the Czech Republic. Joined RefuFest team this year, as an intern, dedicating his time to migrant communities, refugee support and event management.

  • Yassine Attia

  • Dobrovolník
  • Yassine came to Prague in 2016 for the first time for an internship that lasted 3 months. This was enough to fall in love with the city and come back. After graduation, got a job and moved back to Prague. Joined Refufest volunteers to organise the 2018 edition. Now supporting in both organization of the space layout and helping with the migrant communities.

  • Ágnes Csernus

  • Dobrovolnice a fotografka
  • Professional photographer and creative project manager from Hungary, Agnes has been living in Prague for 4 years. She joined Refufest team this year as a volunteer, dedicating her time to the Refugee Support Team, and as a festival photographer, helping to document the event.