About Refufest

Festival aims to celebrate diversity and promote solidarity with migrants and refugees!

Long history of the festival (13 years) started with a small gathering in the square, now 2-3 days celebration with diverse program involving various stakeholders and communities.

Based on direct engagement of volunteers (vast majority are migrants and refugees, residing in Prague)/group is about 70-100 people every year program and side activities are shaped by the group of volunteers and production team through the participatory approach during the whole year

Involvement of stakeholders (migrant communities, refugees, NGOs, universities, schools, media, local shops, etc.) in side activities and festival

InBáze, z .s. 

The purpose of InBaze is to help immigrants and their families to integrate in the Czech Republic. We create a safe open space for Czech public abd migrants to meet, collaborate and enhancing their mutual understanding of each other.

Fields of activities:

  • Consulting & Assistance
  • Consulting for Families
  • Community Activities
  • Tutoring
  • Activities for children (ages 5 – 10)
  • Creative studio for children (ages 5 – 11)
  • ClubIn (ages 12 – 18)